Ludid Dreamer

(SOLD) Lucid Dreamer – 16 x 16 inches – Acrylic on Canvas


Lucid Dreamer – work in progress

This acrylic painting was inspired, once again, by a trip to my Grandmother’s garden.  In her front yard is a large copper pot, filled with guppies and brimming with pink water lilies.  One day I happened to peer into the pot just as a cloud was drifting by overhead and what I saw inspired this piece.


The copper pot in my Grandmother’s Garden

That day the sun was streaming down into the little pond, illuminating the fish and weeds under the surface.  The cloud was so perfectly reflected on the waters surface that it felt as if I was staring up at the sky while looking down.   As I watched the fish darting through the water it seemed to me as if they were flying through clouds.    The scenes dreamy surreal quality had me transfixed and I knew that I had to try to capture what I had observed once I got home.


Day 1


The clouded area involved applying multiple sheer layers of sheer colour and carefully repainting the objects underwater again and again so they’d show through each time.


Building up the layers still



Close up of the little fish




Working on a few fine details.  I shared a short video of this step on my Instagram and Facebook page if you want to go check it out.


Waiting for perfect natural light conditions so I can check everything over one final time before signing the painting.

IMG_4497 2.JPG

The finished piece!

I hope you enjoy viewing my latest creation.

Thanks for stopping by!


Screen Shot 2018-05-11 at 10.51.47 AM

Prints of my work are available here.  🙂

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