Home Safe

Home Safe (private collection). An oil painting I did for someone near and dear to me. It has a lot of personal significance. I wasn’t going to share it online at first, but I want this site to be a digital record of my creations, so after sitting on this for a while, I decided to share.

I paint in stages. I start with a rough chalk drawing and then build and refine the shapes as I go.

I love working in oils. I used to primarily use acrylics, but oils have a wonderful blendable quality that is heavenly to work with and I find myself reaching for them more often now. I’m partial to the water-soluble kind as it makes clean-up really easy.

Creativity during times of stress

It has been hard to feel creative lately, with all that has been going wrong in the world. I have spoken to many other artists who feel similarly.

I have resorted to taking a step back and finding pleasure in the appreciation of simple things, like photographing sunsets or painting a bit of colour on my nails. Sometimes, just seeing something bright or sparkly is enough to lift my spirits and direct my focus outwards and away from thoughts that are causing me distress.

I’m looking forwards to the Summer, when the colours around me come alive, and inspiration is everywhere. I have always wanted to try plein air painting, and I think I might give it a go if I feel brave.

It’s a little intimidating, making art on the spot, outside around others, but I think it will also feel spontaneous and freeing. After being cooped up for so long due to the pandemic, I think my spirit needs this.

We’ll see what happens as the weather gets warmer!

Stay safe out there everyone.


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